Exercise technique:

Arm outstretched balanced on parallel bars, in a vertical station you bend your elbows so that your arms are parallel to the ground or even a little lower. Here you go to do Dips! The bust can be tilted slightly forward, but not too much otherwise you risk feeling the work especially on the pectorals.

Speaking of pecs, remember to keep your rib cage open throughout your exercise. Above all, take great care not to work the rounded back.

Muscles worked:

Main: triceps, pectorals, shoulders (anterior bundle)
Secondary: latissimus dorsi, teres major, trapezius, biceps (short head)

Dips become a workout for the triceps, striving to stay straight throughout the exercise.

Despite everything, it may happen, depending on the body type, that the exercise localizes the work only to the pectorals, even if this is rare.

Interest of Dips:

This exercise is one of the only exercises for the triceps that play on the tension / length relationship just like the tight grip bench press. The muscular effort is felt quite easily, stay focused on performing the movement and you should be fine :).

It will help you improve your bench press, since the triceps are part of the muscles involved in performing this exercise.

Variant of the Dips exercise:

This exercise is not easy to do without having a certain level of practice. This is why you can already start your dips with the help of rubber bands:

Or dips with a bench:

Danger / contraindication to Dips

The exercise can be quite risky on the shoulders. This is why you need to adapt your amplitude according to your flexibility.

Exercise may also cause pain in the sternum (breastbone). The solution then lies in the practice of stretching (shoulders and pecs).

Stretch exercises