CoachMichel-Fitness trainer

My background

What motivated me to study sports ?

Contaminated with the sport virus since my childhood I practiced many collective and individual sports.
Before I started my career in sports, I began to study sales but I lacked the physical dimension and physical effort.

What did i do ?

As I No longer felt that my current job was fulfilling I decided to improve my skills. That led me into the form on individual training.

Unfortunately, I was not able to pass the entrance exams as a candidate due to a lack of practice in the disciplines related to fitness.

Back in business, I resigned from my job to develop and strengthen my knowledge in the fitness classes.
Then once again I return to the exams.

This time at the Chatenay-Malabry Center for Expertise and Sports Performance (CREPS) in france. In 2004 I got the exams with the State Patent of Fitness Trades.

My adventure in sports continues

With my Exams in hand, I had the opportunity to practice in different settings (Works Council, at home, Sports Club, Small group, etc …), always driven by my passion and the desire to transmit my knowledge, my energy and my will of helping others to improve in well being.

Driven by my thirst to learn and evolve, in 2008 I resumed university studies in Physical Preparation at U.F.R STAPS in Dijon ( France).

In order to give athletic preparation sessions to my clients, amateur, semi-professional and professional athletes.


As a result of various encounters and experiences, I realized that physical work was one thing and that the mental aspect was just as essential.

This led me into Sophrology and My approach has become much more holistic.


Through education and training i have developped concepts such as service and hospitality. As well as the belief in oneself or the strength of conviction.

Today I committed to All these qualities and able to help you achieve your own goals, both on a physical and mental level.

Coachmichel -Sophrologist

My background

An interrogation

Fitness trainer and physical trainer for more than 10 years, I have noticed that the human dimension in my profession is predominant. By human dimension, I mean the mental, environmental and social dimension. It participates in making us what we are as BEING.

Here is an example that speaks for itself to further illustrate my point of view. The best coach in the world can do nothing if his athlete has his head elsewhere.

As long as his thoughts are focused on his problems and he has not put in place strategies or applied methods to manage these situations, he cannot be fully efficient in his discipline. This will probably prevent it from achieving its objectives.

I started to wonder what could provide answers to this type of problem, namely, how to help a person who can’t concentrate, find the motivation ?

The meeting that changed everything.

One day, a mother contacted me to help her son prepare for an entrance exam to the gendarmerie. He’s already missed it twice and he has one last chance. His uncle – a gendarme – trained him for physical challenges. Unfortunately, the training was not adapted to the level of the young boy.

He ends up getting hurt. So I get it back under these conditions. I succeed in getting him where I want him, first to a functional rehabilitation, then to an improvement of his physical qualities, and from week to week, the progress is tangible.

One Friday, after finishing a session, we make an appointment the following Monday. He confirms to me that he will be very present, despite his 20th birthday which he will celebrate the day before. On Saturday evening, I received a message from his mother informing me that my student’s sister had just passed away.

In what psychological state would I find him? What can I say? What to do about it? As a coach I’ve never experienced a moment like this before. A week later, when I find it again, I remain as natural as possible. It was the right thing to do, I thought.

Finally, he passed the gendarmerie entrance test brilliantly. It was a real victory for both of us. I came away from this experience with the conviction that I now had to consider a method or technique that would allow me to deal with this type of situation.

That is, to be able to help a person who may be in a distress or distress situation. While allowing her to stay on track to achieve her goals (sports, overcome fear, regain self-confidence, etc…)


My choice !

I have started a research on a method, practical, technical, that can meet my requests: to accompany my clients on the mental level and to be able to practice personally.

I chose Sophrology because this method refers to the positive, to the harmony of body and mind. It is simple and quick (usually between 5 to 8 sessions).

So I studied and practiced it at the Academy of Sophrology in Paris and for two years every weekend, even two weekends. Then I graduated in 2017.

And now, after graduation?

And now, after graduation ?

I work in a law firm in Suresnes, at home (Malakoff) and at home (individuals, associations, clubs, athletes). I work on session development with a Holistic approach.

I combine physical activity with Sophrology (body and mind work).

It is a very interesting approach and is very useful for self-confidence, stress management, and energy mobilization…


1. Objectives : I am committed to giving the best of myself to help you achieve your goals.

2. Satisfaction: I do everything I can to satisfy you on a daily basis.

3. Quality: I prioritize your physical integrity and mental well-being during your sessions.

4. Good Mood: I pay particular attention to this commitment, because it is no longer necessary to prove that our mood has an impact on our
behaviour and motivation.

5. Rates : In my pricing policy, I try objectively to determine my prices in relation to a few factors, such as :
My years of experience, the value I believe is worth, market prices, etc….

What defines me : Passion Energy Empathy Professionnalism Smile