Stomach Vacuum

Running the Vacuum

Very simple exercise that just requires you to put your stomach in. Take a breath, pull in the stomach, keep the stomach in while exhaling slowly and “fully”.

This is the perfect exercise for working your transverse.

Vacuum: muscles worked

Main: transverse, diaphragm
Secondary: abdominals

The exercise localizes the work in the transverse and the diaphragm, with participation of the abdominals, think strongly of exhaling deeply with pursed lips.

The transverse abdomen is a muscle that will be used to breathe out. (And there it shocks you so much that you are almost passing out.)

This muscle, which we unfortunately do not know enough about, works with the thoracic diaphragm, which will be used for inspiration. The transverse is therefore the antagonist muscle of the diaphragm.

The transverse is an extremely powerful muscle, which will be used to bring out the air, and the diaphragm will only, on exhalation, be used to regulate the air flow.


This is the basic exercise for the transverse. The transverse muscle of the abdomen is the deepest muscle of the large muscles in the lateral part of the abdomen. It is this muscle that will give you a flat stomach in addition to helping to maintain your viscera.


The exercise can be done on all fours, sitting down or lying on your back for a better feeling.

Danger / contraindications

Avoid after eating.