Coaching Online

Coaching à distance

The advantages of a coaching online.

First and foremost, the price is the first criterion that will influence your decision.

If you have a minimum of knowledge in bodybuilding, this formula will fit you like a glove. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners, in which case I will send you links of instructional videos.

This is a good way to break your routine, so you will re-boost your motivation.

Why a coaching  online ? 

Maybe you are stagnating, your results are long overdue? Do you want to learn or change your working method?

Do you aspire to goals to achieve? Gain strength, a more slender and athletic body.

Well for that I offer you a Coaching follow-up pack.

This pack includes a personalized weekly follow-up to help you on the muscular and nutritional plan.

Thus, nothing will be due to chance.

My steps

Most of the time, people who exercise take programs ready-made online or designed by a loved one. In most cases, the results are not up to your goals. Quite simply because the programs are not personalized.

For you to progress, build and build muscle, it is not a matter of chance, but of consistency in training programming, motivation, genetics …

This is what I am offering you here in my Coaching Pack is consistent programming tailored to your specific characteristics.

After completing a detailed questionnaire containing all the information I need to establish your own training and dietary monitoring program (on your eating habits, your tastes, your constraints, etc.), we will then tackle a progression at each session, endless progression.

what is included in my pack

The Distance Coaching Pack includes:

  • A weekly report with a sending of your program each week, MANDATORY with your goals for each exercise including loads, sets, repetitions, recovery time as well as a report on your nutrition (adjustment, management of deviations, etc.)
  • The answers to all your questions.
  • The correction of your exercises on video (if you can film yourself).
  • A personalized diet based on your tastes and goals.
  • Modifying your diet as needed every week.
  • Gradual personalization of your weight training and diet programs over the weeks and as you progress.
  • Permanent communication (whattsapp, Messenger, Viber, Skype, etc.) in order to get to know each other and ensure real individualized follow-up.
  • A range of video tutorials to which you will have access to better understand your exercises.