Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

Exercise technique:

Sitting (bench vertical 90 °) or standing in a stable position (feet at shoulder level and back straight), you raise your arms to bring the dumbbells to shoulder level.

dumbbell side lateral raise will be done with your arms slightly in a V to protect your shoulders. Make sure you keep your elbows slightly bent. Bending the arms only reduces leverage and forces you to put in more heavier to do the same job.

Muscles worked:

Main: shoulders (medium beam in priority)
Secondary: trapezius (upper), biceps, forearms

By shrugging your shoulders as you raise your arms, the exercise can put a lot of stress on the upper trapezius muscles.

Interest of dumbbell side lateral raise

Allow you to work shoulder width apart.

Variants of the dumbbell Side Rise

Do not hesitate to work statically from time to time in addition to the concentric movement.

Danger / contraindication 

This exercise can be “irritating” for the supraspinatus which occurs at the start of the movement. Be careful not to work too Heavy. Especially keep your back straight and do not work in compensation with pelvic tilting movements.

So don’t neglect your warm-up.