Push up 

Exercise technique:

Face the floor you lie down, your feet shoulder-width apart, hands apart enough that they are wider than your shoulder-width apart, keeping your back straight in line with your legs. The movement consists in carrying out an extension of the elbows associated with an abduction (the arms go towards the center) of the shoulders after being more or less lowered.

Like all chest exercises, your rib cage will need to be open. At no time should the shoulders be in front of the pectorals.

Muscles worked:

Main: pectorals, shoulders (anterior bundles), triceps
Secondary: serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi, teres major, trapezius, biceps (short head)

The wide-grip push up mainly work on the large pectorals.

Interest of wide-grip push up

This exercise is part of the bodyweight exercises which is a must to start, moreover it does not require equipment.

It is practiced anywhere.

Push-ups are an exercise that we all practiced to a greater or lesser extent before we started “seriously” weight training.
This is an exercise requiring very little equipment, but the benefits end there.

Variants of push up 

Several variations adaptable for all levels.

The 1 st variant for beginners will be done resting on the knees, buttocks raised. See photo n1.

The 2nd variant is still on the knees except this time the body will be stretched out (pelvis in line with the shoulders). See photo n ° 2.

The 3rd variant is the most common, this time you are resting on the toes.

If the exercise is “too easy”, a weight can be used, for example in a backpack, to increase the difficulty, but you can also play with the paces (see videos)