Hanging Leg Raise

Technique of the exercise:

Suspended from a fixed bar, bring your knees to 90 degrees (the legs are found parallel to the ground) and will not descend any lower. Starting the movement in this position, you will roll up your lower back while exhaling hard at the same time.

Also remember to tuck in your stomach throughout the movement to exercise the transverse.

Muscles worked:

Main: abdominals

By curling the lower back from the hip instead of the breastbone, the exercise localizes more work to the “lower abdominals.”

Interest of Hanging Leg Raise

The use of the fixed bar allows you to be suspended, therefore to “decompress” the spine. The suspended position is a level above the traditional pelvic roll exercise.

Variants of Hanging Leg Raise

The difficulty of the exercise can be increased by making the knees more or less stretched. It will be imperative not to lower your legs below 90 °!

Danger / contraindication

Be careful to understand the movement. It’s all about curling up and not doing leg lifts. The knees should never drop below 90 degrees to the trunk in theory. In practice, it is harder and a descent slightly below is tolerated.

If the technique is not followed, the hip flexors will do all the work and may cause back pain.