Stretching the neck (part: throat)

The neck is delimited in front by the throat, in back by the nape of the neck, in bottom by the clavicles and in top by the mandible.

Technical sheet on neck stretching (Part: throat) :

Standing or sitting on a chair (perhaps more practical), the exercise is quite simple. Stand up and make sure you are comfortable, well rooted on the ground. Feet hip width, knees slightly bent, you will perform a retroversion of the pelvis, to fix your pelvis and avoid an exaggerated hypercamber.

Thus, all you have to do is tilt your head back and let the stretching take place passively. To feel the stretch properly, I recommend a self-expansion of the neck by bringing the peak of your chin upwards (this will create a self-expansion of the neck).

Above all, take care to carry out this exercise as a pain without rushing, the cervical region and a rather fragile area.

For perform a good stretch you will have to respect these rules:

  • Remember to breathe continuously ( Deep breathing cycle of inhalation and exhalation)
  • Never block your breathing when stretching
  • Do your stretching for at least 30 seconds
  • Stretching will always be done gradually. So that your muscles can get used to this type of work.

Stretched muscles:

Main muscle : Sterno cleido mastoid muscle and a multitude of other small muscles. To see here: Neck muscles (Part: Throat)

Roles of the neck:

The main role of the neck is to support and move the head through its bone and muscle structure.

Through all the structures it contains, it also has an important role in digestion, respiration, phonation and metabolism.

Possible pathology: 

To my knowledge, little pathology is known about the anterior surface of the neck.