Smith Machine- Inverted Row

Exercise technique:

It’s the mirror-like movement of push-ups, in the same position with your body lying horizontally instead of pushing, you’re going to pull. Take the bar (halfway up), hands wider than your shoulder width so you can form a 90 ° elbow flexion. The sour bar will be directly above your pecs. Gain by contracting your abs and glutes, extend your chest by tightening your shoulder blades (retraction of the shoulders). Pull to bring your pecs up to the bar. Slowly return to the return phase.

Muscles worked:
Main: Latissimus Dorsi (medium-tight grip), Trapezius (wide grip)
Secondary: Muscles of the posterior chain, abdominals

Interest of Smith Machine- Inverted Row:

Allow yourself to gain enough strength to help you do pull-ups, if you can’t do them first. It will also allow you to strengthen your sheathing.

Variants of Smith Machine- Inverted Row:

You can play with several parameters … First of all at the level of intensity, the more horizontal your bust is, the more the intensity and the effort will be felt. The more your bust will tend to go vertical, the easier you will go. Adapt your position in relation to your level of practice.

You can also favor more targeted work on the latissimus dorsi or the trapezius muscles. It will depend on how clear your hands are. In a tight, medium grip, you will focus on working on your back muscles, at the end of the movement the lower pecs will be in contact with the bar.

You also have the option of using a bench to increase the difficulty.

Danger / contraindication:

Remember to stay well sheathed, contracted in the abs of the buttocks and especially to maintain a straight back throughout the exercise, otherwise you will injure your back. Contraindicated if you have problems with your shoulders.