Triceps rope push down

Exercise technique:

You are standing with your feet shoulder-width apart (or tight), facing a high pulley, knees semi-bent, back straight, you contract your abdominals and glutes in order to fix the pelvis. Focus on sticking your elbows to your body, and extend your arms while spreading the rope at the end of the movement to work your triceps.

It is often recommended to stop the movement at 90 ° elbow flexion (arm parallel to the ground). You don’t have to, because you can work your triceps even more by increasing your elbow flexion on the return (better stretching of your triceps).

Muscles worked:

Main: triceps brachii
Secondary: anconé

Spread the arms at the end of the movement accentuates the recruitment of the vastus lateralis.

Interest of Triceps rope pushdown

If you lack vastus lateralis compared to the other two triceps bundles, rope pulley tricep extensions can help you bridge the gap. This exercise is technically not difficult. However, focus on keeping your elbows glued to your body. All too often, people lift their elbows in this movement.

Variants of Triceps rope pushdown

The exercise can be done with the elbows open, in this case, it will localize the work even more in the vastus lateralis

Danger / contraindication to the extension of the triceps to the pulley with the rope