Muscles exercises


Chest Machine fly

Chest machine fly to work your large pectoral muscles.


Exercise Push-ups to strengthen your large pectoral muscles.

Chest press incline with Dumbbells

Chest press with Dumbbells to work the upper Fibers of your great Pectoral.

Chest press

Chest Press, the basic exercise to work your large pectoral muscles!

Pull Over

Pull over exercise to work your pecs.

Bench press barbell

Exercise of the developed declined to work the lower part of your pectorals.

Bench press incline barbell

Bench press incline to work the upper part of your pectorals.

Adduction of the shoulder blades

Omplates adduction exercise to strengthen your middle and rhomboid trapezoids.

Pull Over (Rope) with High Pulley

Pull pulley exercise (rope) at the high pulley to work your backbone.

Reverse Rowing

Reverse Rowing exercise to work your backbone.

Horizontal Pull (Bar) with Low Pulley

Horizontal pulling exercise (bar) with the low pulley to work your back, trapezius and rhomboids.

Standing Pull Over (bar) with High Pulley

Pull pulley (bar) exercise at the high pulley to work your backbone.

Rowing Sitting at the Pulley low neutral grip

Rowing Exercise Sitting with the low pulley taken neutral to allow you to work your back and upper part of your back.

Rowing Leaning Bust Bar

Rowinb exercise leaning bust bar to work your back.

Rowing Dumbbells on Inclined Bench

Technical sheet…

Lat Pulldown

Exercise of the chest draw to work your big back.

Suppinated grip Lat pulldowns

Suppression high pulley pulling exercise to work your backbone.

Extension Back 

Exercise of the extension to the lumbar bench 45 degrees, as the name suggests you went to work in priority your lumbar. But also the muscles of the posterior chain of the body.

L-Fly standing at the Pulley

L-fly exercise to work the rotator cuff of the shoulder.

Reverse fly machine

Machine bird exercise to work the posterior fibers of your deltoids, middle trapezoids and rhomboids.

Dumbbell side raise

Exercise of the side elevation on bench to work your deltoides medium beam.

Dumbbell Shoulders Press

Dumbbell bench press exercise to work your deltoids (Anterior and Medium).

Upright cable row

Rowing exercise standing at the low pulley to work your middle deltoid and upper trapezoids.

Arms and Forearms Exercises

Larry Scott

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Dip exercise to work your triceps (brachial).

Triceps rope push down

Exercise the triceps high pulley on the rope to work as the name suggests your Triceps.

Overhead Triceps extension

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Kick back

Kickback exercise to work your triceps.

Close grip bench press

Tight bench press exercise to work your triceps.

Lying triceps extension

Front Bar Exercise for the traveller’s triceps.

Seated incline dumbbell biceps curl

Incline Curl Exercise on Bench to Work Your Biceps

Concentration curl 

Concentrated Curl exercise to intensely work your biceps.

Spider curl

Spider Curl exercise to work your biceps.

High pulley crunch

High pulley crunch exercise to work your abdominals. This variation will break your routine.


The what ? Who ? The crunch !!! How to miss this exercise? On the other hand, pay attention to its execution. Follow my instructions to the letter;)


In 1 I am part of the abdominal muscles. In 2 I allow to have a flat stomach. Who am I and which exercise allows me to work?

The transverse and The Vacuum.

Pelvis winding

With the exercise of the pelvic roll on mat, you will be able to target your work a little more on the lower part of your abdominals.

The plank

Abdominal sheathing exercise, exercise !!! The essential of muscle building exercises for the abs.

Fixed bar pelvis winding

The pelvic roll-up on the horizontal bar is a +++ level lower abdominal exercise. Will you be ready for the challenge?

Lateral flexion with dumbbell

An exercise for the obliques, easy enough to perform? Well the lateral flexion with dumbbell will amply satisfy you!

Crunch with rotation

This exercise, you have necessarily seen it somewhere … Simple and effective when done well !! Take my advice well 🙂

Buttocks, thighs, legs exercises

Legs - butt

Extension to the Lumbar Bench at 45 °

Lunge with foot on bench

A little notion of balance and you will quickly adopt this exercise. Why ? Because it leaves no room for cheating !! It makes you work 100%

Front lundges

One step forward and I come back … That’s it !! Ah, I forgot the knee bending … More details on the technical sheet 🙂

Mounted on bench

Another basic exercise, but it can be extremely effective when done well.

Stretched Leg Deadlift

Legs straight? In fact not really … This deadlift will be done with the knees slightly bent. It’s exercise is a must !!

Leg Extension Sitting

Comfortably seated, all you have to do is do a leg extension. That’s it you are doing leg extension …

Elongated Leg Curl

Do your hamstrings need to be strengthened, need to balance the strength deficit between your hamstrings and your quadriceps or others?

The Elongated leg curl is for you

Hip thrust

Poupularized among fitness girls on social networks. In fact, hip thrust has been known in the bodybuilding world for a long time. Known for its formidable efficiency on the buttocks.