Coaching Online

75 eUROS / Month

The Distance Coaching Pack includes:

  • A weekly report with a sending of your program each week, MANDATORY with your goals for each exercise including loads, sets, repetitions, recovery time as well as a report on your nutrition (adjustment, management of gaps, etc.)
  • The answers to all your questions.
  • The correction of your exercises on video (if you can film yourself).
  • Personalized diet according to your tastes and goals.
  • Modifying your diet as needed every week.
  • Gradual personalization of your weight training and diet programs over the weeks and as you progress.
  • Permanent communication (Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber, Skype, etc.) in order to get to know each other and to ensure real individualized follow-up.
  • A range of video tutorials to which you will have access (private members access) to better understand your exercises.

Visio coaching

50 EUROS / 4 sessions

Visio Coaching is the possibility of benefiting from my services live, directly from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Here again, the advantage is that you can be accompanied in a personalized way where and when you want.

My sessions last an average of 40 minutes. you can also opt for a one-hour formula.

You have access to all of my private content (technical data sheet, video, writing, bodybuilding, stretching)

Visio Mindfulness

50 EUROS / 4 sessions

My visio sophrology sessions are nothing different from the sessions carried out in an office. With one thing, it is not face-to-face. As you guessed it, is not it?


1. A time for dialogue between me and you. This makes it possible to specify the objective (s) of the session. If I deem it useful, I will ask you more specific questions to adapt the content of the sophrology session that I am going to offer you.

2. Once this first phase of identifying concerns is over, I present to you the actual course of the session, often with possible variations and instructions promoting autonomy.

3. Then comes the practice of what in sophrology is called “dynamic relaxation” or “specific techniques”. This practice is guided by me, the goal being to help you release your tensions, to play down the situation which concerns you and finally to make you realize that you can achieve it. I will adapt the sophrology exercises to the difficulties you encounter.

4. Free expression time is provided after practice, to promote the integration of the technique while giving me elements to guide the rest of the sessions.

You can express or not what the session brought to you, on your feelings and on the benefits that this can bring to you in the long term.