Hip thrust 

Exercise technique:

Place your upper back (shoulder blade level) on a bench or step and place your feet in a position that allows them to lie flat with the weight on the heels and shins almost upright.

For foot spacing, start shoulder width apart and adjust. Since we are all different, some will work more with a wide gauge and others with a tight gauge. The best thing to do is to try several until you find the right one for you. Don’t hesitate to vary the position of your toes, either.

If you feel tension in the sit bones on the high position, bring your feet closer to the bench. If you feel your balance swinging towards the front of the foot and not the heel, then move your feet away.

Contract the abs (which will stabilize your hips and allow the glutes to work more efficiently) and push off your heels as hard as you can while lifting your hips until your body is in line with the bench and your shins are in. vertical position. Squeeze your glutes as much as possible when you get to the top, and be careful not to pull on your lower back by arching too much.

Lower your hips back to the floor, keeping the movement under control.

Muscles worked:

Main muscles: gluteus maximus, Ischios-Jambiers

Secondary muscles: Erector muscles of the spine

Interests of Hip Thrusts

This is one of the most interesting exercises you can do to work your glutes. In addition to that, it has a multitude of variations which are suitable for all levels of practice. Each of you will find something there for you.

Variants of Hip Thrusts

As said above, one of the big advantages of this exercise is that it offers a multitude of variations, which are suitable for all levels.

A / the bridge

B / hip thrust at the helm

C / one-legged hip thrust

D / hip thrust with an elastic band around the knees

E / hip thrust with resistance

Danger / contraindications

No particular danger. However, be careful not to impersonate some people that can be seen on video who can put considerable loads. Be careful, some of them have a somewhat special diet (doping?) Most of the time.