Triceps stretching (brachial)

The triceps (brachial) is composed of three leaders (the lateral vast, the medial vast and the long chief of the brachial triceps). This muscle is located in the posterior chamber of the arm.

Technical sheet of triceps stretching (brachial):

Stand upright, feet hip width, knees slightly bent and pelvis inverted. Lateral or facial elevation of one arm, so that fingers and palm of hand are placed on the back of the shoulder on the same side.

In this position, make sure you fix the pelvis correctly (contraction of the abdominals and buttocks simultaneously). Place the other hand on your elbow and pull it slowly to stretch your triceps.

To do a good stretch, you will have to respect these rules:

  • Remember to breathe continuously (Deep breathing cycle of inhalation and exhalation)
  • Never block your breathing when stretching.
  • Do your stretching for at least 30 seconds
  • Stretching will always be done gradually. So that your muscles can get used to this type of work.

Stretched muscles:

Main muscle : Brachial triceps (the lateral vast, the medial vast and the long chief of the brachial triceps)

Secondary muscle: Posterior deltoids

Roles of brachial triceps extensors :

The brachial triceps is first and foremost an extensor of the elbow and a retropulse of the shoulder

Brachial triceps muscles: 

Anything that will allow you to extend your elbow, however, to work with your three leaders, you will need to make sure that your elbow is raised horizontally or higher. Some possible exercises: Close lying bench press; Dips; triceps extension to the pulley; all exercises!