Standing Lat Pushdown (Cable Machine)

Exercise technique:

Stand with feet hip-width apart, facing a high pulley. Remember to tighten your abdominal strap. Hold the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart or a little wider. Bust more or less leaning forward, back straight. You do a shoulder retropulsion (bringing the bar towards the pelvis).

The exercise will be done with outstretched arms unlike other variations of the pullover.

You will need to buckle up during the exercise to have the rib cage open.

Muscles worked:
Main: latissimus dorsi, teres major, pectorals, triceps
Secondary: shoulders, abdominals

The standing lat pushdown is a monoarticular exercise that primarily involves the latissimus dorsi.

Depending on the body type, the exercise can more or less demand the pectorals to the detriment of the back (latissimus dorsi and teres major here).

The long portion of the triceps also participates in the movement.

You will feel, depending on the workload, sometimes a little more the abs in the eccentric phase of the movement (when the arms come back) can participate in the movement in order to maintain the position of the troy.

Interest of the standing lat pushdown:

An isolation exercise for the back where it is difficult to strain due to the instability of the position.

Variants :

The bust can be more or less leaned forward depending on how you feel, which will allow you to stretch your back better. Variant with a rope where the stress on the latissimus dorsi will be felt more when you open the rope at the end of the movement

Danger / contraindication :

It will be imperative to perform the exercise with a straight back. You must never work with a rounded back, otherwise you will injure your spine.