Small pectoral stretching

The small pectoral that is located under the large pectoral

Technical sheet on stretching the Petit pectoral:

You are standing next to a beam (half an arm of separation), a bar… Parallel feet, knees slightly bent. You perform a lateral elevation of one of your arms (your palm of the hand will be in front), up to shoulder height.

When you reach shoulder height, you will flex your elbow 90° to form a right angle. Place the forearm and elbow on the contact surface and at the same time take a slight step forward with the opposite leg.

In this configuration, you rotate the head opposite the arm. Feel the stretch, you can even accentuate it by leaning your chest very slightly forward.

To do a good stretch, you will have to respect these rules:

  • Remember to breathe continuously ( Deep breathing cycle of inhalation and exhalation)
  • Never block your breathing when stretching.
  • Do your stretching for at least 30 seconds
  • Stretching will always be done gradually. So that your muscles can get used to this type of work.

Stretched muscles:

Main muscle : Small Pectoral

Secondary muscle: Pectoralis major muscle

Role of the small pectoral:

The small pectoral muscle is a lowering muscle of the shoulder if the fixed point is at rib level. If the fixed point is the scapula, it participates in inspiration like an accessory muscle by raising the ribs.

Possible pathologies:

It is a muscle that is very much in demand due to its thoracic implantation. He is prone to tendonitis and bursitis.