Dumbbell concentrated curl

Exercise technique:

You are sitting on a bench with your feet firmly on the ground, the dumbbell grip will be supine with your elbow placed on the side of the thigh slightly behind the knee.

Starting the movement with your arm straight (not really, make sure you stay slightly bent at the elbow), you flex your elbow so that the other wing is toward your shoulder. Slowly return to the return phase.

The elbow should not be fully extended so as not to place the biceps in a position of “weakness” which could lead to injury.

Muscles worked:

Main: biceps, anterior brachialis
Secondary: forearm

So that the work of the biceps brachii is optimal and that it does not affect the anterior brachialis.

You will need to be careful that your elbow does not go forward. Otherwise the position of the arm in front of the body will intensify the work of the anterior brachialis to the detriment of the biceps.

Dumbbell Concentration Curl variants

The exercise can be done without support and it can be done on a low pulley.

Danger / contraindication 

No. But still be careful to warm up and not to lift too heavy from the start.