Dumbbell shoulder press

Exercise technique:

Sitting (bench at 80 °) or standing, your back is straight, the bust vertical, a dumbbell in each hand in an overhand grip, you will do an extension of the arms (stretch out your arms) so that your dumbbells are above your head.

Breathe out (exhale) on the rise of the arms, inhale on the return phase. It is good to keep your abs tight throughout the exercise.

Depending on the flexibility of your shoulders, you may want to avoid lowering the dumbbells lower than your ears once the set has started.

Muscles worked:

Main: shoulders (anterior and middle bundles), triceps
Secondary: trapezius, serrated, biceps

Interest of the dumbbell shoulder press

It’s an exercise that sits halfway between the neck press and the military press. The use of dumbbells and the circular trajectory promote the work of the external deltoid.

Variants of the dumbbell press

Some practitioner rotates the shoulders inward at the end of the movement.

Danger / contraindication to dumbbell press

Even if this exercise is technically simple, it is nevertheless important to note a few points that should not be overlooked. Don’t arch too much, always be assisted when your loads get heavy. Be careful not to descend too much and lift heavy, if you have shoulder problems.

The dumbbell shoulder press is less demanding on your joints than the neck press or the military press. It is often favored by professional bodybuilders.