Personal trainer

My definition of Personal trainer

For me, coaching is the accompaniment of a person or a group in a process of change from a situation A to a situation B, through the achievement of its objective.


My training posture with you

A state of mind.

To be at your service this requires a relationship with trust.

I’m bound by professional secrecy.

I must be neutral and benevolent.

To be attentive to your needs and only focused on the objective we have set for ourselves.

We are bound by a contract that defines the previously clarified objectives, duration, price and ethics of the coaching.

In my opinion a Personal trainer is…

An escort

A smuggler

An energy catalyst

A motivator

A talent developer

A partner

A compass

A facilitator

A co-pilot

For me a Personal trainer is not…

A therapist

A guru

A mentor

A master

A judge

The duration of my sessions

This is a general framework, knowing that I adapt to the needs and specificity of each individual.

A coaching mission can be considered in several ways, everything will depend on your objectives, availability and means.

The sessions usually last 1 hour, but I am not behind my watch to stop right on time. To be honest, I overflow a little often.

 4 step Personal training !

Generally, coaching takes place in 4 major phases.

  • Making contact:This first interview is essential to get in touch with you,  to create the contact. To find out if the feeling is there…This is a key moment that allows us to know if a relationship of trust will be able to establish between us.
  • State of act and clarification of the objective : This is an investigation phase that will allow me to clarify your objective(s) during a “Questionnaire” session, while evaluating your needs, strengths and muscle weaknesses. In order to direct you in the best possible way towards your goals.
  • Conduct of sports coaching : All the coaching process with its planning, methodology, use of tools and action plans.
  • Closing of the Sports Coaching : Coaching completion phase that allows you to conclude your achievements and be aware of your progress. Possibility of renewing a new contract

Now that you know everything, all you have to do is to have a look at my sessions.