Rotation crunch

Exercise technique:

You lie on your back with your feet hip-width apart and your legs hooked (knees bent). Put one hand behind the ear or head, then put the other hand on the side (arm extended perpendicular to the body) With the elbow open, you curl the lower back while performing a rotation (elbow to opposite knee). ) trying to keep the stomach tucked in.

At no time have your lower back lifted off the ground. Always remember to exhale during the contraction phase, forceful and deep exhalation through the mouth (pursed lips)

Muscles worked:

Main: oblique abdominals (small and large)

The exercise more precisely localizes the work on the abdominals (rectus abdominis) from the “top” by shortening them from its “high” insertion on the sternum.

The transverse will also come into play if you focus on trying to tuck your stomach in throughout the exercise.

Finally, the rotation will allow you to work the obliques more efficiently

Interest of crunches with rotation:

Rotational crunches are an easy way to practice your obliques.


The exercise can be done with the hips flexed 90 degrees:

rotation crunch

Or on a declined bench:

rotation crunch

Finally, it can also be done by weighting to increase the difficulty even more (the weights usually put behind the head).

Danger / Contraindication 

If the execution instructions are followed, there is no risk.