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Welcome in ” My videos “

You can view, watch three families of videos.

The first section concerns the exercises in weight training of workout in center. You will have the opportunity to view several types of exercises according to the different muscle groups of the human body. Agreed to this, these videos are also accompanied, for each of them, by their own weight training and stretching data sheet according to the muscle group.

The second section deals with everything related to the different training methods. And yes, if you are not aware there are several ways to achieve your objectives. Example:

  • What is the super-set ?
  • The Bulgarian method ?
  • The reverse Myotatic reflex, etc.?

All this will be no secret to you.

The third section concerns physical and/or athletic preparation. This section is specific to training methods in maintenance, gain, improvement of physical qualities, such as: strength, speed, endurance, flexibility…