My sessions


Musculation- sessions

According to your objective, this session aims to tone up, strengthen the body as a whole. 

The muscles used will be determined according to your objectives (mass gain, volume gain, strength gain, etc…).

Tests and follow-ups will be carried out in order to collect objective data on progress.

  H . I . I .T

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a training technique that alternates between two phases.

A high intensity phase and an active or passive recovery phase. More precisely, HIIT increases physical performance with short workouts that do not exceed a few minutes.

It is ideal for those who lack time and want to get interesting results soon enough.

Ps: For this type of session, a minimum level is required.

H.I.I.T- sessions



Re-athletisation is the intermediate phase between rehabilitation and the return to sports activity.

This is a step that is unfortunately neglected after a return from injury. It is not that physiotherapists do not do their job, but in a great majority of cases, injuries lead to deficits in strength in muscle structures peripheral to the injuries.

Five main areas of work are privileged during reathletisation:

● of muscle strengthening involving all the muscles of the body;
● of proprioception;
● mental support to help the athlete “forget” his injury and regain self-confidence (goal-setting, motor imagery through sophrology);
● coordination, in order to correct any problems observed during walking, running or other activities (use of rhythm scales, elastics, etc.) 
● from reconditioning to exercise where the athlete will get as close as possible to his sport.

It is this sector that must be the most specific to the discipline practiced.

It is a question of taking back the supports and manipulations of balloons and other devices. The reathletisation phase makes it possible to regain sporting sensations, those aerobic and metabolic faculties lost during the long months of poor practices.



Generally, weight gain has a negative connotation.

This should not be the case for a large majority of people influenced by standards, a beauty cannon that can lead to discomfort and harm their health for aesthetic reasons.

The dictatorship of appearance enslaves above all a female public that goes beyond the limits of thinness, until it becomes sick at best and at worst anorexic.

In many cases, weight gain will be subject to great attention for health reasons.

These are some of the reasons that can lead to weight gain:

Bad eating habits
Sedentary life
Hormonal cycles
The age
Quitting smoking
Stopping all physical activity
The drugs
Serotonin and snacks

That’s why I offer you sessions using exercises from both ducardio and weight training. And of course my knowledge of dietetics.

Cardio Training


The term Cardio training includes all activities that will involve the cardiovascular system. Among the most popular exercises, we have jogging, cycling, swimming to name a few.

Each exercise has its advantages, disadvantages and particularity. For example, for running (jogging), if you are overweight or have knee problems, you should focus on less traumatic exercises, such as cycling.

The idea in this session is that I propose to you according to your needs, expectations, etc. the session that will be most suitable for you.


It is just as important in my opinion to work on these aspects, which are complementary in an overall well-being approach.

Whatever the method used, you will feel a muscular and mental relaxation, which will be beneficial to you in the long term.

Too many people don’t feel concerned, don’t be part of this lot !