Dumbbells decline chest press

Exercise technique:

Lying on a more or less declined bench, with an adjustable bench for this purpose where you can, using a step, create your own declined bench. Start the movement with your elbows at 90 °, your feet firmly on the ground or placed on the bench.

With your lower back slightly arched, straighten your arms (extend your elbows) while keeping a slight flex, you return your elbows to shoulder level or you can descend slightly below to better stretch your pecs.

It is always the same for a work of the pectorals, you will have to think about opening your rib cage. You should never find yourself flat.

Muscles worked:
Main: pectorals, shoulders (anterior bundles), triceps
Secondary: latissimus dorsi, teres major, trapezius, biceps (short head)

The decline dumbbells chest press is an exercise that mainly involves the abdominal bundle (the bottom) of the pectoralis major.

Interests :

Thanks to the straight trajectory it imposes, the declined press is an excellent exercise for gaining chest muscles when you have a tendency to take more in the shoulders.

Variants :

The exercise can be done on the Guided Bar to make the exercise safer, but who forces you to have a fixed trajectory with its advantages and disadvantages?

Danger / contraindication :

Avoid staying too long in the head-down position, due to the flow of blood to the head.