How to be in good physical condition ?

How to get a good physical condition ?

 How to be in good physical condition 

A good physical condition is the basis for sports and greater efficiency.

This helps you feel in great shape and be at your best depending on the training you do.

By definition, it is the optimal form to practice a sporting activity.

In this way, you can achieve a performance and improve your personal record. However, if you are not in good shape, the results will not meet your expectations, and there is a risk of injury.

How to get a good physical condition ?

Physical and mental preparation

The first step to optimal fitness is to follow a regular workout that is adapted to your abilities and progress. The secret is to choose a physical activity that is physically accessible to you.

So, train your physical qualities, and prepare yourself technically. To prepare your body for intense exercise, you will need to do light jogging as well as some muscle strengthening and stretching.

But also, train your attention span and concentration. After training, manage recovery, and maintain a healthy lifestyle adapted to your sports practice.

How to get a good physical condition ?

A good diet

Nutrition is essential. So, adopt a healthy, varied and balanced diet based on thoughtful food choices. To guide you in your needs and objectives, do not hesitate to consult a specialist (dietitian or nutritionist).

Your body needs all the nutrients it needs to develop normally and to have a large muscle mass. Mineral salts, fats, carbohydrates, proteins… must always be in the right proportions.

Forget cakes, candies, fries, burgers… which can only harm your health in the absolute. Nevertheless you can and it is recommended to have your little cheatmeal from time to time.

How to get a good physical condition ?
how to get a good physical condition


The human body needs to hydrate regularly to compensate for daily water losses (urine and perspiration), and this is true for everyone, especially athletes of all levels and all sports activities.

Thus, it is essential to drink water before, during and after physical training for better fitness and for safe sport. Soft drinks should be banned for better physical performance.

Listening to your body

Even if humans can push certain limits, this is not the case when you want to be in optimal physical condition.

It is necessary to know how to limit oneself in one’s practice, to become aware of the state of physical and psychological fatigue and to familiarize oneself with the physiological limits by going slowly into the sports discipline.

Thus, to recover better mentally and physically, you will need to know how to stop, limit and control the increase in stress imposed on your body.

how to get a good physical condition

The importance of rest

Rest is a crucial factor when it comes to improving physical fitness. This is the basis of your body’s adaptation processes.

In other words, the stimulus representing physical activity can only generate adaptations if there is a sufficient rest period.

Thus, the absence or insufficiency of rest leads to a reduction in physiological adaptations.

how to get a good physical condition