How to lose weight by doing weight training ?

How to lose weight by doing weight training ?

Many people think that weight training is only for muscle gain and does not help in weight loss.

But that’s not true, since this exercise can help you lose weight, it not only builds muscle mass, but also helps your body burn more calories.

In fact, when it comes to slimming, targeted muscle training is more effective than cardiovascular exercise.

Why can it help you lose weight ? 

To lose weight, it is essential to force the body to draw its energy from fat reserves by using the heart rate where the body will consume a maximum of fat equivalent on average between 70 to 80% of the maximum heart rate.

This heart rate can be achieved through physical activity such as weight training.

By doing this sport, you double the benefit, first by building muscle, second by accelerating weight loss.

How to lose weight by doing weight training?

It should be noted that the more muscles are developed, the more calories are burned.

Getting stronger to lose weight is therefore a good idea, and the results can be seen quickly provided that the practice is regular.

However, effective weight loss is a long-term process, and this is always accompanied by varied, healthy and balanced nutrition.

You have to consume less, but better and enjoy yourself from time to time without ever going overboard.

The basic principle for weight loss

By practicing weight training, you have the opportunity to sculpt your body in a harmonious way and draw tonic curves to have a perfect silhouette, but also you improve your physical condition, your muscle tone, your posture and your joints.

You increase the basic metabolism by developing muscle mass so you can burn more calories even during sleep.

So, this sport helps to lose fat in the long term while promoting long-term weight stability. Also, muscle growth increases the number of insulin receptors.

To lower blood sugar levels, your body produces less insulin and can release fat. In addition, according to specialists, one kilo of muscle burns 80 kcal/day. In addition, the advantage of this discipline is that there are several training methods that can easily achieve the objectives.

How to lose weight by doing weight training ?

The basic principle for weight loss

How to lose weight by doing weight training ?

For weight loss with this sport, it is best to use a sports coach who can offer an adapted and carefully chosen program. But the ideal training to lose weight is endurance strength training with 6 to 8 sets, 15 to 30 repetitions and short recoveries between sets (15 to 45 seconds).

You will need to find a load that allows you to be out of breath while performing all the series and repetitions. You should follow a one-hour program of muscle exercise 3 to 4 times a week.

The other days are useful to allow the muscles to rebuild. For the duration of the session, this should not exceed 1h 20 per day in order not to cause muscle loss or excessive muscle stress. The intensity must be moderate, and the loads used must be light to medium.

When the practice is well mastered, you can integrate intensification methods without lengthening the sessions. To burn more calories, do functional exercises (traction, squat, pumps and bench press lying and lifted off the ground…) using the big muscles: back, legs, chest and buttocks.